Via alla Chiesa 27/A | 31020 Arfanta di Tarzo (TV) | Tel:+ 39 0438 587093 | Cell: + 39 339 7497186


The restaurant is our pride! With endless dedication we, Nadia and Roberto, carry on the activity of our parents Anna e Tullio who returned from Milano full of experience in catering business and started their activity first with an Osteria then enlarged in a restaurant. Today we continue this activity along the path of the best traditional Italian and venetian cooking. Supported by a qualified staff, we propose dishes rich in flavor and aroma. Additionally, you may run into Mrs. Anna, who sometimes peeks out from behind the spit, and have the chance of a pleasant chat with her.


The Rooms

During the years we have enlarged and refurbished our restaurant rooms. Amid the hundred seats available, you will surely find your favorite table: either in the room with the hearth ‘larin’, perfect for the winter evenings, or in the inside room, bright and elegant, or in the window veranda overlooking our gorgeous terrace.

The Cookery

Meat is our specialty. The fame of Tullio’s spiedo (meat on the spit) has largely spread outside the province of Treviso! High quality meat, slow cooked before the hearth (larin) and plenty of love, are the sole ingredients for a always granted result. And more: grilled meat, hand-cut steak and cockerel, and a great variety of...
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The Cellar

A wide wine selection with more than 400 labels. To begin with the famous local Prosecco DOCG, the Verdisio, the red wines as ROSSO DI CONEGLIANO, the wines of PIAVE and MONTELLO. To continue with the big wines of Piedmont, Tuscany, but also NERO D’AVOLA of Sicily. A perfect shortlist for connoisseurs. The cellar is...
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